MAGNUM Heating is the specialist for comfort heating. Whether it be electrical or water-based systems, we have a suitable solution for every heating problem. From floor or wall heaters for new construction and renovation to ceiling heating and a convenient anti-fog mirror heater.




MAGNUM Outdoor offer safety and reliability with a low running cost and no maintenance. Safety prevention and continuity are key concepts that warrant the installation of frost free fittings. Suitable areas for this type of system are entrance and exit slopes of distribution centres, parking areas, hospitals, fire stations, office buildings or any area that during winter time could create a hazard or disruption.


The extensive concept of heat cables, sensors and regulating units create a compliant reaction to extreme weather in the variable European climates. Great temperature shifts and unexpected snow or hail: with a MAGNUM Outdoor system there is always safe and certain access!




To be able to easily control all the systems we have developed several thermostats and sensors. From a simple thermostat on the wall to systems that can be controlled with a smartphone or tablet.

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