Optimal comfort

Thanks to the highly precise digital control given by the advanced clock thermostats that can be operated very simply for making your preferred settings, optimal comfort and a perfect living climate can be enjoyed by everybody. Furthermore, MAGNUM heating systems can be very easily linked into new and existing domotic systems so that you having nothing more to bother about.

Maintenance free

Whether you go for MAGNUM floor, wall or ceiling heating, our systems are extremely energy efficient thanks to the highly accurate controls In additional they are completely silent and there are no maintenance costs.  MAGNUM products are produced under very strict conditions by ourselves. They comply with the strictest European inspection requirements and therefore have a very long life-cycle.


Heat waves move in all directions. Only a very small volume of the outside air is actually heated. Contrary to convection heating, there is much less movement of air and dust particles Where hygiene plays an important role, e.g. care homes, hospitals, schools, colleges, etc, radiated heat is usually selected for this reason.


Combined with the accurate and efficient control systems, direct heat emission, extra long life-cycle and the possibility to regulate each room independently, electric heating systems provide the perfect heat source.This is certainly the case over the last few years during which the gas prices have risen dramatically, resulting in electrically heated rooms being equivalent to gas fired heated rooms with respect to running costs.

Lifetime warranty

The MAGNUM Mat or Cable is warranted for the lifetime of the floor covering under which it is fitted. Here you can find our terms and conditons.To register your MAGNUM product click here.

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