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Electric underfloor heating

Electric underfloor heating  provides the most comfortable way of heating a room. The evenness of the heat radiating from the floor surface creates very uniform heat distribution. The floor temperature very quickly reaches a comfortable level.


MAGNUM floor heating systems can be used in virtually every type of situation. Completely new building, renovations or even installation under wooden floors does not present a problem. In kitchens, livingrooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, sunlounges, offices, etc.

MAGNUM floor heating is ideal for providing an addition source of heating. Bear in mind a minimum capacity of 150 watt per m2. In certain circumstances, MAGNUM floor heating can also be installed as the main source of heating. Enquire about the possibilities or ask the calculation department for custom advice.


Within this category there are four different MAGNUM floor heating systems available:

  • MAGNUM Mat
  • MAGNUM Cable
  • MAGNUM Foil

All the floor heating systems (except the MAGNUM Perfotherm) are supplied with the advanced MAGNUM X-treme digital control thermostat.


The MAGNUM Mat has been designed to be used on an existing tiled floor or an existing, finished floor so that floor heating can still be installed there.The mat can be included in the layer of adhesive. It reduces the warming uptime of the floor, as the mat is placed directly underneath the surface.


The MAGNUM Cable has been specially designed for installing in cement floors. The spacing between the cables determines the capacity per m2. This gives you the freedom to apply more capacity (faster reaction time, higher temperatures) or indeed lower capacity (constant or low temperatures) when installing.



The MAGNUM Foil can be applied directly underneath wood, parquet or laminates. The extremely thin floor warming system (only 3 mm!) is controlled via a digital clock thermostat with a floor sensor. This provides very even heating and can be limited to a maximum temperature.



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