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The better the floor insulation, the better the heat yield, resulting in lower the energy consumption. MAGNUM therefore offers a smart range of insulation materials that especially suitable for the various floor heating systems because of their specific (structural) properties.


Within this category there are three different MAGNUM products available:

  • MAGNUM Isorol
  • MAGNUM Isoplate
  • MAGNUM Isofoam


MAGNUM IsorolMAGNUM Isorol can be used as an underlay for the MAGNUM Cable (assuming their is sufficient structural strength with sprung floors).


MAGNUM Isoplate

MAGNUM IsoplateMAGNUM Isoplate makes it possible to introduce extra floor insulation where the structure height is very limited. For installing MAGNUM Mat.

MAGNUM Isofoam

MAGNUM IsofoamMAGNUM Isofoam at only six millimetres is a very thin floor insulation manufactured entirely from recycled materials. Specially for MAGNUM Foil.

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