MAGNUM X-treme Control

MAGNUM proudly presents the new MAGNUM X-treme Control thermostat!


This stylish, colourful and refined digital clock thermostat has been specially designed for electric heating systems. The MAGNUM X-treme Control is supplied with every MAGNUM floor heating set (Mat,Cable and Foil types), including external floor sensor, a built-in air sensor and three different frames that suit most brands of switching equipment. The MAGNUM X-treme Control is simple and intuitive to operate by way of touch sensitive buttons under the display.


The new chameleon function is simple to adapt to the colour of your interior. The stylish screensaver shows the time, temperature and current mode without touching the thermostat. The MAGNUM X-treme Control has a new help function that appears after 10 seconds in the menu with a complete description of the setting in question.


The MAGNUM X-treme Control also has a wooden floor function whereby the temperature is limited to 28°C. The makes the MAGNUM X-treme Control the idea and safe solution for every electric heating system.


2-year guarantee on the electromechanical operation and floor sensor.



MAGNUM X-treme Control
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