MAGNUM Isoplate

MAGNUM Isoplate makes it possible to introduce extra floor insulation where the structure height is very limited. Because of the compression resistantproperties of the insulation plates, a floor heating system (MAGNUM Mat) and a tiled floor can be laid directly on top using adhesive. MAGNUM Isoplate raises the insulating properties of the underlay and increases the yield and reaction times for the floor heating system that has been installed. The insulating properties result in lower energy consumption.

MAGNUM Isoplate 3 m² is supplied as 5 plates 60 x 100 x 1 cm.

MAGNUM Isoplate 4,8 m² is supplied as 8 plates 60 cm x 100 cm x 0,6 cm.


MAGNUM Isoplate
  • 3 m² (5 plates 60x100x1 cm) £ 90.00
  • 4,8 m² (8 plates 60x100x0,6 cm) £ 126.00
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