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MAGNUM Outdoor offer safety and reliability with a low running cost and no maintenance. Safety prevention and continuity are key concepts that warrant the installation of frost free fittings. Suitable areas for this type of system are entrance and exit slopes of distribution centres, parking areas, hospitals, fire stations, office buildings or any area that during winter time could create a hazard or disruption.


The extensive concept of heat cables, sensors and regulating units create a compliant reaction to extreme weather in the variable European climates. Great temperature shifts and unexpected snow or hail: with a MAGNUM Outdoor system there is always safe and certain access!


Within this category three different MAGNUM product groups are available:

  • MAGNUM Outdoor Cable
  • MAGNUM Outdoor Mat
  • MAGNUM Outdoor Controls

MAGNUM Outdoor Cable

Especially for larger surfaces, such as loading docks or entrance and exit

ramps for parking garages, where safety needsto be guaranteed.

The MAGNUM Outdoor Cable can be secured directly onto the reinforcement

steel before the concrete is poured.

MAGNUM Outdoor Mat

This mat has been designed specifically to heat walkways and driving tracks.

The heating mat is easy to roll out, can be cut and can be folded for easy and

quick installation.

MAGNUM Outdoor Control

Here you will find switch panels (custom-made), thermostats and sensors for

optimal handling of your Outdoor Cable or Mat system. The advanced sensors

measure temperatures in combination with moisture, which means the thermostat

can determine very accurately whether the system needs to be turned on.


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