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Unlike regular heating cables, MAGNUM Tracing cables are equipped with parallel circuits. This means you can cut the cable at any point without breaking the circuit. Thanks to this parallel circuit, these cables are very easy to install. They can be installed in a linear way, in spiral shape or with overlap.


During the installation, you can simply cut them in the right size, lengthen them or split them according to your needs. There are various connection possibilities. For example, a pre-assembled cable is available in various lengths, with quick coupling pieces in order to complete tasks quickly. Because the MAGNUM Tracing cables do not require thermostatic control, they are not subject to malfunctions. MAGNUM Tracing cables can be used on plastic as well as metal piping.


MAGNUM Trace systems can be applied on:

  • Cold and warm water pipes
  • Eaves
  • Drainpipes
  • Drains
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Oil pipelines
  • Process pipes (food industry)


Within MAGNUM Tracing there are nine different MAGNUM products available:

  • MAGNUM Trace Regular
  • MAGNUM Trace Micro
  • MAGNUM Trace Plug & Go
  • MAGNUM Trace Gutter Heat
  • MAGNUM Trace Water
  • MAGNUM Trace Hot Water
  • MAGNUM Tracing Thermostats
  • MAGNUM Tracing Sensors
  • MAGNUM Tracing Connections

MAGNUM Trace Regular

Self-regulating cable available in either 10,15, 25 or 33 watts per meter length.

MAGNUM Trace Micro

Self-regulating cable for piping with a small diameter.

MAGNUM Trace Plug & Go

Ready-to-fit Trace Micro cable system complete with connectors and connecting cable.

MAGNUM Trace Gutter Heat

To protect your eaves and rainwater drainpipe against frost.

MAGNUM Trace Water

Self-regulating cable suitable for installation in water pipe.

MAGNUM Trace Hot Water

For compensating heat loss in hot water systems.

MAGNUM Tracing Thermostats and MAGNUM Tracing Sensors

From simple to fully automatic switching of temperature in combination with moisture.

MAGNUM Tracing Connections

Various connecting and securing materials for the MAGNUM Tracing program.


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