Tracing Sensors

ETF-144 Floor sensor -20/+70°C

Standard floor sensor NTC for floor

temperature detection.

ETF-633/44/55 Pipe sensor -20 /+70°C

Can be connected to a DIN-rail thermostat.

This sensor has a wide range and is therefore

widely applicable. The metal encasing makes

for quick and accurate temperature measurement.

ETF-744/99 External outdoor temperature sensor

This outdoor sensor registers only the temperature.

Can be used in combination with outdoor sensor type ETOR-55 or on its own for temperature registration only.

ETOR-55 Sensor unit (Moisture) for gutter+ 10 meter of connecting


This moisture sensor is designed especially for installation in gutters and drains. Can only be used in combination with outdoor sensor type ETF-744/99.

ETOG-55 Sensor unit (Moisture & Temp.)

This all in 1 sensor registers temperature as well as moisture. The built-in heating element takes care of highly accurate control. Supplied with installation pipe and 10 meters connection cable.


MAGNUM Tracing Sensors
  • ETOR-55 Sensorunit for roof gutter incl. 10 meter connecting cable £ 0.00
  • ETF-744/99 External Outdoor temperaturesensor £ 0.00
  • ETF-633/44/55 pipe sensor -20°C/+ 70°C £ 0.00
  • ETF-144 Floor sensor -20/+70°C £ 0.00
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