Ideal frost free ribbon

In many situations outdoor taps and pipes must be shut off in winter in order to avoid becoming frozen. MAGNUM offers a much simpler solution: MAGNUM Ideal frost free ribbon means that frozen and leaking pipes are a thing of the past! The MAGNUM Ideal frost free ribbon delivery programme has been specially designed for keeping piping, taps, discharge pipes (not plastic) from freezing.


The problems with freezing can very simply be avoided by fitting the Ideal band along the piping - it is ready to plug in and fitted with an automatic thermostat. Once the pipe insulation has been applied, it is not only safe, but extra expenses for repairing water pipes and also damage from leaking pipes is avoided.


MAGNUM Ideal frost free ribbon (with a 2 meter connecting cable with earthed plug) comes complete with a bi-metal temperature regulator. MAGNUM Ideal frost free ribbon is available in lengths of 1 to 48 meters. The heating band is switched on at temperatures below +5°C and automatically switches off when the temperature exceeds +13°C.

MAGNUM Ideal is supplied as standard with the following

  • Heating cable, complete with plug and 2 meter of connecting cable
  • Integral bi-metal thermostat
  • Installation instructions
  • PVC tape


2 years on the electromechanical operation of the cable


MAGNUM Ideal frost free ribbon
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