Custom made

In principle, the standard programme offers sufficient possibilities to meet virtually every type of situation. Experience tells us that ready-made solutions are not always suitable. In such circumstances we can find a custom designed and manufactured solution.

Full service

The wide range of heating systems and control mechanisms gives MAGNUM the possibility to reach or develop solutions for every type of heating problem. The delivery and installation of tracing, insulation, supply cables and switchboards, as well as testing and supplying the installation work, are all possible.


You can always get help and advice from our expert consultants for analysing problems and coming up  with innovative solutions for your project. We are happy to collaborate with you in meeting challenges and to share our knowledge and experience.


MAGNUM Calculation provides advice, engineering, calculations, offers, support, service and after-sales service. It may concern a simple access ramp, or a very complex control system for a large project, or the engineering for an entire plant with tracing, including circuit layout and AutoCAD drawings.


MAGNUM Heating’s Technical helpdesk offers pre and after sales support on all of our products. Our technical and design calculation service gives (you) advice, accurate floor heating calculations, service and after sales.

This helpdesk is also your contact for:

  • Sales
  • Point of sale requests
  • Technical help and advice

MAGNUM Heating has a vast amount of expertise in both domestic and commercial applications. We can meet all your heating requirements, if necessary, custom made solutions can be made to solve any specific problem!
Our skilled advisors are willing to help you analyse the problems of any project and come up with innovative solutions. Our qualified supervisors work to the highest standards of safety regulations and can assist you in your turn key projects.

We use a state of the art CAD design system to design all of your underfloor heating requirements. We like to accept the challenge and want you to share our expertise, knowledge and experience with you!

Technical helpdesk

Technical e-mail


01887 822999

Sales email
Fax 01887-822954


We only want to supply top quality products, therefore all MAGNUM products are produced and tested to the ISO 9001: 2008 standard by the largest European testing bodies. Our products therefore comply with the highest testing requirements allowing us to offer you excellent guarantee conditions.



DEKRA has over 85 years of experience in quality management, auditing and certification. With over 20,000 employees in 48 countries across 6 continents, DEKRA has the team in place to provide in-depth assessments, certification, and accreditation around the globe.


The KEMA quality mark demonstrates that our products and production location are under regular surveillance by DEKRA. Rather than just performing a one-time test, DEKRA continuously monitors conformity. KEMA is recognized throughout Europe, while providing unrestricted access to many other markets worldwide. Click here if you would like to know more about KEMA/DEKRA-certification.

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