Mirror heating



Mirror heating

MAGNUM Look mirror heating always provides a clear view when shaving, cutting hair and applying make-up. No more wiping with a towel to see yourself in the mirror after showering or using hot water.
MAGNUM Look is connected and easily switched through the light switch and prevents condensation in no time. It also prevents the unpleasant towel marks that remain after removing condensation. Connecting directly to the mains, through the light switch in the bathroom, avoids unnecessary waste of energy. 

MAGNUM Look mirror heating is a self-adhesive heating foil element that can be applied directly to the back of the mirror. The elements are double insulated and can therefore also be used in humid rooms. The capacity achieves a fast heating-up time of approx. 5 to 8 minutes. In that short time, the mirror is already brought to a temperature of approx. 40°C and condensation is prevented. The maximum achievable mirror temperature is limited to approx. 50°C. This makes the product absolutely safe to touch. 

Installation methods

The mirror must not be damaged (e.g. broken off pieces of the edge, cut to size by hand, etc.) because of possible cracking due to tension differences during heating. For fixing, you can simply use the self-adhesive backing. This should be applied directly to the back of the mirror. 

ATTENTION: The film has a very high adhesive strength, therefore it is permanently attached. 

Art.nr. PowerDimensions
31003550 WattRound 35 cm
31002927 Watt29 x 29 cm
31005050 Watt36 x 50 cm
31005850 Watt40 x 58 cm
31005570 Watt50 x 58 cm
310075100 Watt57 x 75 cm
310085120 Watt58 x 85 cm
310110150 Watt57 x 110 cm


System typeElectric
System height1 mm
System widthVarious sizes
Min. setting height1 mm
InstallationSelf-adhesive element
Power50 – 150  Watt
In wet areasV
Type of heatingInfrared
RegulationLight switch (no dimmer) 
Warranty2 years

Technical details

Package content

  • Heating foil with self-adhesive backing
  • ±1 meter connection cable
  • Installation instruction

2 year warranty on the electrical function.