Stable base for soft floor finishes (carpet) over dry floor heating systems.

This solution is designed for installation on underfloor heating to provide a smooth, stable and level base for laying carpet, linoleum and the like. DuoBoard consists of two layers of MDF boards (each with dimensions of 1200 x 600 x 3 mm): Base board and Top board. 

DuoBoards are characterised by a low construction height, great durability and high thermal conductivity. Before installation, the product should be stored for at least 48 hours at a temperature of not less than 18°C and a relative humidity of not more than 60% in the room where the DuoBoard system will be used. The base plates must also be properly cleaned of dust and dirt before installation. The base plate can only be glued once.

The surface of the underfloor heating layer must be stable, level and clean.

Art.nr. DescriptionMaterialDimensions
430030MAGNUM DuoBoard 2 x 42,88 m²MDF boards1200 x 600 x 3 mm
Base Board, 3 mm, left and Top Board 4 


Density860 (kg/m)
Thermal conductivity λ0,192 (W/mK)
Heat resistance R0,037 (m K/W)
Bending strength according to EN 310≥ 23 (N/mm)
Tensile strength according to EN 319≥ 65 (N/mm)
Swelling after 24 hours  according to EN 317≤ 60 (%)
Formaldehyde content E1 class according to PN-EN 120max. 8 (mg/100g)
Warranty2 years