MAGNUM Foil (Set)

Wood, parquet and laminate are durable and atmospheric products that are increasingly being used. The demand for a heating system for these floors has led to the development of a new high-tech product. MAGNUM now offers a solution for these “dry” floors. The MAGNUM Foil underfloor heating foil is directly applicable under wood, parquet or laminate. This wafer-thin floor heating system (only 0,3 mm!) is controlled by a WiFi clock thermostat with floor sensor. This ensures very even heating. The floor temperature can be limited to a maximum temperature by means of the floor sensor and thermostat.

The advanced WiFi thermostat takes into account the necessary warm-up time, so that your floor always has the right temperature at the right time. The foil should be installed on 6 mm thin polystyrene insulation plates (MAGNUM Isofoam). These insulation plates provide additional thermal insulation and also have a sound-absorbing effect. 

MAGNUM Foil is very easy to cut to size. Safe, comfortable and easy to use: MAGNUM Foil ensures a comfortable living and working environment, even on dry floors!

Installation method

MAGNUM Foil is connected to 230V. Installation must therefore be carried out by a qualified electrician. MAGNUM Foil should always be installed with MAGNUM polystyrene insulation plates (MAGNUM Isofoam, 6 mm), and covered with a vapour barrier foil (0,1 mm). blackDescriptionDimensionsPower
361005371005MAGNUM Foil Set 5 m2 *0,6 x 8,4 m600 Watt
361010371010MAGNUM Foil Set 10 m2 *0,6 x 16,8 m1200 Watt
361015371015MAGNUM Foil Set 15 m2 *0,6 x 25 m1800 Watt
MAGNUM Foil add-on set 10 m2 **0,6 x 16,8 m1200 Watt DescriptionDimensionsPower m2
360120MAGNUM Foil loose per m2 on roll0,6 x ? m120 Watt OptionsDimensions
720807MAGNUM Vapour barrier film 12 m24 x 3 m. x 0,1 mm
720810MAGNUM Foil pressure divider and crimping pliers
720815MAGNUM Foil connection set for 10 m² folie **
730300MAGNUM Isofoam PS Insulation 6 m210 à 120 x 50 x 0,6 cm

* Set contains: MAGNUM Foil 120 Watt/m², MAGNUM Remote Control WiFi thermostat with floor sensor, flexible sensor tube, 2 x 15 m connection wire black/blue, necessary crimp connectors, pressure distribution and crimping pliers, vulcanised insulation tape, PP tape, installation instructions.

** Set contains: 2 x 15 m black/blue connection wire, required crimp connectors, vulcanised insulation tape, PP tape, foil 10 m2.


System typeElectric
System height0,3 mm
System width600 mm
Min. setting height1 cm
InstallationDry Construction
Power120 W/m2
In wet areasX
LaminateV (no PVC)
CertificationCE, SEMKO
Warranty10 years

Technical details

Package content

  • Foil on rolls of 5, 10 or 15 m² (120 W/m²)
  • MAGNUM Remote Control WiFi thermostat with floor sensor
  • Flexible sensor tube
  • Insulating tape
  • Connection clamps
  • Connection wires
  • Installation instructions
  • Pressure reducers and crimping pliers

To be ordered separately (depending on the number of m²)
MAGNUM Isofoam, PS insulation plates, per pack 6 m²
Vapour barrier foil.

10 years guarantee on the electrical function of MAGNUM Foil and 2 years on the thermostat and floor sensor.