HeatBoard W


MAGNUM HeatBoard W

System plates

The 18 mm thin water based underfloor heating system MAGNUM HeatBoard W is directly applicable under floating wood, parquet or laminate floors. Only suitable for dry rooms and ideal for renovations.

MAGNUM HeatBoard W is suitable for use with hard dry floor systems (laminate, wood and parquet). MAGNUM DuoBoard should first be installed between the heating system and the floor covering in the case of soft floor coverings (carpets).

Ease of installation
The system boards can be put together like puzzle pieces. They are also easy to cut to size with a hobby knife. Then the 12 mm MAGNUM Tube underfloor heating tube can easily be clamped in. The fixed tube distance is 12,5 cm. Approximately 8 m1 (linear metres) of MAGNUM Tube is needed per 1 m2 . The floor can then be covered with the supplied felt layer on which the top floor can be applied. 

The subfloor to which this system is to be applied must be stable, level and clean.

Art.nr. DescriptionDimensions
W63010MAGNUM Heatboard 18 mm4,8 m213 plates of 770 x 520 mm
Art.nr. OptionsmDimensions
W12100MAGNUM Tube PE-RT100 m12 x 1,5 mm
W12300MAGNUM Tube PE-RT300 m 12 x 1,5 mm
W90012MAGNUM Adaptor / Euroconus connection (per 2) 
12 x 1,5 x 3/4” mm
W91201PUSH connection set for  1 x 100 m tube 12 mm (per 2) 

W91202PUSH connection set for  2 x 100 m tube 12 mm (per 2) 

W91203PUSH connection set for  3 x 100 m tube 12 mm (per 2) 

430030DuoBoard 2 x 4 MDF plates2,88 m21200 x 600 x 3 mm

Package content
13 plates (4,8 m2)   
Felt layer (5 m2)
Roll of aluminum tape
Safety gloves

12 mm MAGNUM Tube, a manifold, necessary connection fittings and possibly DuoBoard must be ordered separately.


System typeWater based
System height18 mm
System widthfrom 20 cm
Min. setting height18 mm
Tube distanceFixed 125 mm
In wet areasX
TilesV (i.c.w. Knauf or Fermacell min. 12mm)
CarpetV (i.c.w. DuoBoard)
Warranty2 years

MAGNUM Heatboard W has a 2 year warranty.

Technical details

  • Designation according to standard EPS-EN13163-T2-L2-S2- P2-DLT(1)5-CS(10)150
    Nominal thickness dL 17 mm
  • Coefficient of thermal conductivity 0,036 W/mK DIN V 4108-10 
  • Thermal resistance 0,33 m2K/W 
  • Compressive stress 150 kPa (at 10 % compression)
  • Load under tension 45 kPa
  • Heat resistance < 80°C
  • Area of application DEO according to DIN 4108-10
  • Fire behaviour Class E according to EN 1350
  • Building material class B2 according to DIN 4102  
  • Material EPS polystyrene hard foam (CFK-free)
  • Valid standard EN 13163, DIN V 4108-10