Tacker system


MAGNUM Tacker system

Positioning systems and accessories

Tacker Insulation plates
With this type of underfloor heating installation, the tubes are fixed to 20 or 30 mm thick insulation plates using tacker staples. This system is ideal if you want to install underfloor heating and floor insulation over a large area. To allow the floor to expand and contract, it is important that edge insulation is placed against all walls.

Tacker Grid foil
For installations directly on insulation, Tacker Grid foil can be used. This grid foil has a rectangular division of 10 cm x 10 cm and an inner grid of 5 cm x 5 cm. This means that underfloor heating tubes can be laid at different centre-to-centre distances.

Tacker staples and device 
The Tacker system consists of insulation plates on which floor heating pipes can be directly fastened using 40 or 60 mm plastic staples. These staples are fastened with the Tacker stapler.

Art.nr. DescriptionDimensions
W90102Tacker Grid foil50 m²50 m x 1 m
Art.nr. Description
W90103MAGNUM Tacker Insulation Plate10 m²Thermal 20 mm
W90104MAGNUM Tacker Insulation Plate10 m²Thermal 30 mm
W90122MAGNUM Tacker Insulation Plate10 m²Acoustic 20 mm
W90123MAGNUM Tacker Insulation Plate10 m²Acoustic 30 mm
Art.nr. Description
W90105Tacker Staples40 mm 300 pieces
W90106Tacker Staples60 mm 300 pieces
Art.nr. Description

W90107Tacker Stapler


System typeWater based 
System height20 or 30 mm
System width1000 mm
Min. setting height5 cm above the tube
InstallationFloating / Pasting
In wet areasV
(PVC) LaminateV
CertificationDIN 13163, DIN 4108-10, building material class B2 in accordance with DIN 4102-B2
Warranty2 years

Technical details

  • Plate thickness 20 or 30 mm
  • Thermal resistance 0,444 m2K/w or 0,667 m2K/W
  • Max. traffic load  4 kPA (kN/m2)
  • Impact noise improvement 28 dB or 29 dB
  • Nominal value according to DIN 4108-4 0,045 W/mK
  • Dimensions Tacker staples 38 x 18,5 x 6 mm The staples 38 mm are suitable for the installation of tubes with a diameter of 14-20 mm.
  • Dimensions Tacker stapler 800 x 140 x 70 mm

MAGNUM Tacker system has a 2 year warranty.