DryFloor (25mm)


MAGNUM DryFloor (25mm)

If you want to install underfloor heating in a room with a low construction height or in places where the supporting construction is less strong (such as wooden subfloors), a dry construction installation offers a solution. The system consists of profiled EPS insulation plates on which steel heat distribution profiles are placed. 

Omega profile
The aluminium Omega profiles spread the heat of the underfloor heating system over the floor surface and are placed on top of the 25 mm drywall insulation plates. Due to the high thermal conductivity of the plates, the reaction time compared to traditional systems is much lower (thermal conductivity: 80 W/mK). 

As a rule of thumb for ordering, you should consider approximately 8 profiles per m².

The subfloor on which this system is installed must be stable, level and clean.

Attention: When you use these profiles in combination with the dry construction insulation plates, you should use a floor heating tube with a diameter of 14 mm.

Art.nr. DescriptionDimensions
W62075MAGNUM DryFloor 25 mm7,5 m2100 x 75 cm
W62901Aluminium Omega-Profiel 14mm
1000 x 120 x 0,4 mm
Art.nr. DescriptionmDimensions
W14100MAGNUM Tube PE-RT100 m14 x 2 mm
W14120MAGNUM Tube PE-RT120 m14 x 2 mm
W14240MAGNUM Tube PE-RT240 m 14 x 2 mm
W14600MAGNUM Tube PE-RT600 m14 x 2 mm
Art.nr. DescriptionDimensions
W90014Adaptor / Euroconus connection 14 x 2 x 3/4” mm


System typeWater based
System height25 mm
System widthfrom 20 cm
Min. setting height25 mm
In wet areasX
TilesV (i.c.w. Fermacell min. 12 mm)
(PVC) LaminateV (i.c.w. Fermacell min. 12 mm)
CarpetV (i.c.w. Fermacell min. 12 mm)
Warranty2 years


  • MAGNUM insulation boards and profiles: 2 years
  • MAGNUM Tube: 50 years, the first 10 with consequential damages.

Technical details

EPS-insulation plates

  • Dimensions: 0,75 m² per insulation plate (100 cm x 75 cm)
  • Number of pieces per box: 10 plates (7,5 m²)
  • Tube spacing: 125 mm (main heating)
  • Maximum tube length: 100 m
  • Application: insulation plate without impact sound
  • Designation according to standard: EPS-EN13163-T4-L1-W1-S1-P4-DLT(1)5-CS(10)200
  • Nominal thickness dL: 25 mm
  • Coefficient of thermal conductivity DIN V 4108-10 in W/mK: 0,035
  • Thermal resistance in m2K/W: 0,71
  • Compressive stress (at 10 % compression): 150 kPa
  • Tension load: 60 kPa
  • Heat deflection temperature up to 80°C
  • Application area according to DIN 4108-10: DEO
  • Quality tested: CE / FIW
  • Fire behaviour according to EN 13501: Class E
  • Building material class in accordance with DIN 4102: B1
  • Material EPS polystyrene hard foam (CFK-free)
  • Valid standard EN 13163, DIN V 4108-10
  • Usable area (L x W) per panel 1,000 x 750 mm
  • Usable area per panel 0,75 m2

Aluminium Omega profiles 

  • Dimensions per profile: 1000 mm x 120 mm
  • Thermal conductivity: 80 W/mK
  • Number required approx. 8 profiles per m²